Building Success

R + M Builders takes a uniquely innovative and efficient approach to every construction project it leads, and has proudly done so since its inception in May 2004. The company has focused on building a strong team of dedicated professionals who are the best in their field and are committed to excellence.

We believe that three key factors contribute to the success of every project;
  • Our Directors take an active role in every project – providing cost-effective solutions during the preconstruction period and appropriate leadership during the construction phase.
  • As hands-on builders, we have the technical expertise needed to design smart, cost-effective building solutions. We utilise the skills of the talented people in our design build and make smart suggestions that can provide the key to a successful project.
  • Our commitment to maintain honest and open communications with the client, architect, engineer, and other members of the team means that everyone is working toward the same goals, creating a productive and efficient environment.

We’re hands-on builders, with experience on many challenging projects and intelligent technical skills. We bring this understated value to every project, distinguishing us from our competitors.